Vascular Birthmarks Conditions: Pyogenic Granuloma

What is Pyogenic Granuloma?

Pyogenic granuloma is a common benign skin growth, sometimes considered in the realm of vascular anomalies. It usually occurs in the setting of repetitive trauma such as scratching or scraping. Pyogenic granulomas can grow and resemble hemangiomas in their appearance with the exception of several key differences.

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They do not occur at or around the time of birth like hemangiomas and do not go away on their own.

Pyogenic granulomas usually occur in toddlers and young children, although they can occur even in adulthood. The surface of pyogenic granulomas is usually moist and friable, and they are located on a thin stalk (similar to a mushroom). Bleeding episodes are frequent and can be profuse. Because they do not disappear spontaneously, pyogenic granulomas will require some form of intervention. Although lasers and scraping (or, curettage) can sometimes work, they can be associated with high rates of recurrence. Surgical excision is definitive. The stalk is excised, and the base cauterized.

Pyogenic granuloma of a lower eyelid before and after excision.
Pyogenic granuloma of a lower eyelid before and after excision.

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