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What is Inverted Nipple Correction?

Inverted nipples are usually hereditary. It occurs when the ducts of the nipple are tethered as the breast enlarges. Although it is a benign condition, it can be a source of psychological stress for a lot of teens and young women

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Diagram of the Inverted Nipple Correction procedure
Diagram of the Inverted Nipple Correction procedure

Correcting an inverted nipple requires an incision at the base of the nipple to release the tight bands and ducts to allow the tip of the nipple to emerge. Because the procedure can interfere with the milk ducts at the surface, there is a small chance of being able to properly breastfeed later on. However, for many patients, this is an acceptable drawback with excellent satisfaction rates.

Dr. Panossian performs inverted nipple correction, sometimes under local anesthesia. It is a same day procedure, and patients can return to school or work the following day. A cup-type dressing will be used with a stitch that keeps the nipple out to length during the healing period to avoid retraction. This will need to stay in place for several weeks.

Dr. Andre Panossian is a superlative plastic surgeon and a very helpful and pleasant individual. He handled a complex surgical problem and achieved a result that exceeded expectations. I would recommend him to anyone.

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What inverted nipple correction office is near me?

If you live near Pasadena, CA, Dr. Panossian offers inverted nipple correction among its services, and is conveniently located at 39 Congress St., Suite 402 Pasadena, CA 91105

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