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He did a good job, and I can’t thank him enough!

I went to Dr. Panossian to remove some Neurofibromatois tumors. He did a good job, and I can’t thank him enough. A special thank you to everyone at his office!

Fekry A.

Thank you again for being so professional.

I'd like to thank Dr. Panossian for the outstanding surgery he performed on my son. He changed the way he looks, but most importantly, my son is enjoying life since the surgery. Thank you again for being so professional.

José T.

Dr. Panossian literally changed my life.

Dr. Panossian literally changed my life. I was diagnosed with a tumor when I was 38, and lost function of the facial nerve on the right side of my face. After two outdated procedures, which left me looking worse than ever, the doctor rebuilt my face and fixed my eye. I finally look normal again. I didn’t like looking in the mirror for two yearsnow I love too, and better than that, I feel good mentally again. Thank you Dr. Panossian!

Arizona B.

A kind, compassionate, and fantastic surgeon

Dr. Panossian is a kind, compassionate, and fantastic surgeon. I traveled from Kansas City to California to see him, and will gladly go back.  He and his entire staff are friendly and very helpful.

Tiffany W.

Dr. Panossian is professional, kind, and caring when it comes to his patients. I went to him to look for surgical options for my facial nerve damage. From the first online appointment I had with him 4 years ago to my last postop appointment this past month, I have had nothing but good experiences with him. He is very knowledgeable in his field and very patient and thorough when answering any questions you might have for him. He is also just a really kind human being. If you are deciding whether or not to go see him, I would definitely recommend him as he is an exceptional plastic surgeon. Also, his staff in the clinic and surgery site were all amazing as well and available to help you in any way they were able to!

Mansi P.

I had the BEST experience with Dr. Panossian. I went to him for a revision rhinoplasty because I was having trouble breathing. Dr. Panossian was extremely kind and patient and addressed all of my concerns one by one (both before and after surgery). He fixed my nose completely and I am extremely happy with my results. I am breathing perfectly and LOVE the appearance of my nose.

Emily O.

Fantastic surgeon, kind, compassionate. Traveled from Kansas City  to California to see him and will gladly go back.  His entire staff are friendly and very helpful in providing information for hotels etc.

Patty C.

I highly 100% recommend Dr. Panossian. My daughter developed a hemangioma on her lip after birth. We were informed it would go away on its own, however did not see a change. After years of researching we found Dr. Panossian and I’m so glad we did!! I was so nervous and Dr. Panossian, his assistant and his staff were very kind and answered all of my questions. The results were amazing! Despite my daughter’s hemangioma she’s always been social but now it’s given her a tremendous boost in confidence. Thank you Dr. Panossian and his staff for being so caring and dedicated.

Vanessa H.

My experience with Dr Panossian and his staff from start to finish was Fantastic!
I needed a revision rhinoplasty and reconstruction , after my online research I found Dr Panossian online . From the initial consultation Dr Panossian was easy to talk to and I felt that I had found a very experienced and talented Surgeon.  My surgery was in May 2023 it took 8 hours . The initial results exceeded my expectations and as each day passes I am even more impressed with how well my nose functions and how natural and pretty it looks!

Ann Z.

I flew in from Massachusetts and the experience was amazing from the day I walked into the hospital to the procedure, even after being discharged from the hospital the staff has been in contact with me. Dr Panossian is amazing and explained everything to me, very detailed I’m very happy with my results  and  it was worth traveling the thousands of miles.

Nilsa L.

Dr. Panossian is an exceptional, caring, & passionate Surgeon, especially for Neurofibromatosis (Nf) electrodessication treatment. It was definitely worth traveling over 2,100 miles to see him for my NF surgery. Thank you so much, Dr. Panossian. It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person. The members in my Facebook group for people living with NF (Faces of Neurofibromatosis) that have been to see you for their NF treatments, have all spoke very highly of you and I must say, that I would definitely agree with them. 

Liberty E.

Stop searching for your doctor, you found him, he is Dr. Panossian. I was so extremely happy  that I found Dr. Panossian to do my nose surgery. I did a lot of searching to try to find the right doctor who did rhinoplasty and very happy that I was able to find Dr. Panossian. I wanted to pick a doctor who did lots of noses and nose surgeries and Dr. Panossian specializes not only in no surgeries but very complicated facial surgeries so he is excellent at what he does and an extremely skilled physician and surgeon.

Rachel S.

Dr. Panossian is not only a great doctor, he is a very sensitive person. In March, I had an operation with Mr. Panossian - I have an incurable genetic disease - Neurofibromatosis. I am not American, I live in Ukraine, so I went to the operation for a long time, I had a lot of worries. Dr. Panossian knows how to make a patient feel safe and secure and know that they are very well taken care of. I recommend this wonderful clinic.

Natalia V.

I never usually write reviews but I recently had a consultation with Dr.Panossian to discuss my facial asymmetry and I had such a great experience I just wanted to share with others. He was the most kind, professional, and intelligent doctor I have ever had the fortune of meeting! I am so grateful for the time Dr.Panossian took to thoroughly discuss all of my concerns with me. He was honest and direct with me about my situation and did not try to sell me anything I didn't need.  In the future I will definitely be returning to him for botox and other procedures as needed. He is an expert in his field and I recommend him for not just issues regarding facial paralysis/weakness, but also for any cosmetic concern you may have. Thank you so much Dr!!!


Dr. Panossian is an excellent and caring doctor. He values his patients and takes the time to answer all their questions. My 3 year old son had a large birthmark on his thigh which extended onto his knee. It needed to be surgically removed. My husband and I were nervous, but after meeting with Dr. Panossian we were no longer worried. The surgery was successful and we are thrilled with the results!! My son's leg looks great and it's impossible to tell that he had a giant birthmark before. Dr, Panossian is one of the most skilled and patient doctors we've ever met! His staff is nice and helpful too. We highly recommend him!

Leeora S.

I am very ecstatic with the outcome of my surgery with Dr. Panossian. I am grateful to him and his office staff forever. He is an amazing and experienced surgeon. He truly and genuinely cares for his patients. His office staff (Amber G) is extremely efficient and kind as well. I will definitely recommend Dr. Panossian to others.


I can’t thank Dr. Panossian enough for the life changing surgeries he has done for me. I have NF also known as neurofibromatosis, and have had two surgeries already that have made a tremendous change on my body. I trust him with everything. I would never go to any other surgeon but him. He is caring and really knows what he is talking about. He truly cares for his patients and wants what is best for them. I would highly recommend him for just about anything.

Priscilla M.

Dr. Panossian provided exceptional service, exhibiting professionalism and honesty throughout our interaction. His work restoring my severely injured face has given me newfound confidence in facing life again, for which I am immensely grateful.

Winnie Y.

Dr Panossian was very patient and accommodating with us. We came to him when our very young child injured her lip badly and he communicated closely with our GP to ensure we got her the best possible care. The results were excellent, with a very tiny scar that disappeared soon after. His staff and surgery were excellent. Highly recommended.

Nathanael B.

I was referred to Dr. Panossian by another surgeon who assured me that Dr. Panossian was amongst the best in the industry, so I went to see him immediately. He treated me right away, closed my wounds and reattached the nails to salvage growth of the nail bed. He was extremely professional and skilled and the product of his handiwork is better than I could have ever imagined. As a result of my injury I had to visit several doctors throughout my recovery and each one of them were equally amazed at my progress due to the exceptional skill portrayed by Dr. Panossian. He was able to both salvage functionality of my hand as well as insure it was as aesthetically pleasing as possible, making the injury almost unnoticeable (which at the time seemed very unlikely).

Samir N.

As a person who has struggled with neurofibromatois throughout my life, I have dealt with both physical pain and self-consciousness.  Through the years, I have had numerous surgeries with my "regular" plastic surgeon and have had successful results. However, it got to a point that he was unable to completely meet my needs.

Jean C.

Dr. Panossian is wonderful!  My daughter had a non-surgical procedure using ear molds when she was only a few months old.  The first doctor we went to, at a different practice, didn't communicate (for example, didn't tell us she was going to shave the babies head before doing it!) and the entire experience was traumatic for all.  Dr. Panossian then took over and was kind, professional, communicative and very sweet with our daughter.  And most importantly, his work was amazing!

Lauren S.

Dr. Panossian helped our daughter with her cleft lip surgery. From the moment we met him, we felt like we could trust our daughter's surgery in his hands. He was extremely kind and well-spoken and was able to give us a thorough run-down of what to expect and any information regarding her surgery timeline, care, things to look for, etc. He also patiently answered all of our questions and concerns. Her first surgery was very successful, and all the nurses/family/friends comment now on what an amazing job was done and how you can barely even tell now that she had a cleft lip. Every appointment we had with Dr. Panossian left us feeling extremely confident and at-peace that our daughter was in the right hands. Thank you Dr. Panossian for everything you have done for our daughter! It means the world to us.

Jessica C.

Dr. Panossian did my breast reduction 4 years ago. He and his office were the most professional and courteous office I’ve encountered. I’d recommend Dr. Panossian to anybody hands down above anybody else’s skill.

T Wiley.

We can't thank Dr. Panossian enough. We saw him after our daughters ears were a little crunched and rolled at birth. She was almost six weeks old when he put ear wells on her. She just turned 1 and has gorgeous ears. No one would even guess they had been reshaped and while it's scary as a parent to do anything cosmetic at birth, we hoped it would allow her to not be self conscious when she grows older. The fact is after birth is the only time to do ear reconstruction without surgery. Dr. Panossian was friendly and professional and we can thank him enough for his help through a tough decision making process.  He was also great anytime we had questions in between visits. I can't reccomend him enough!

Eric G.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Panossian and his staff.  Everyone was caring, hospitable and supportive throughout the entire process. Dr. Panossian is the consummate professional.  He is knowledgable and his warm bedside manner is exceptional.  As a woman of color with a medium-brown skin tone, I wondered if the surgery would leave a scar, keloid or discoloration.  I was delighted that the incision was barely noticeable to me. Even when I show the area to others, they cannot see it. Dr. Panossian's instructions, care and follow-up appointments enabled me to heal quickly and my skin has regained its natural color and smooth surface.  Dr. Panossian is the best and I would highly recommend him without any reservation to anyone needing his services.
Thank you for an extraordinary experience.

ReLesia H.

Very excellent service, everyone was so amazing and helpful. Dr Panossian is the best,and so helpful he is always ready to answer all my questions at any time even he made an Skype call with me before my surgery to give me all the details about my condition and the surgery.  He is so friendly and extremely nice and very skilled clinician. I highly recommend him to everyone  who suffers from NF. Thanks Dr Panossian, me and my family really appreciate your help.

Mawa A.

Dr panossian literally changed my life. I was diagnosed with a tumor when I was 38 and lost my facial nerve in the right side of my face. After 2 outdated procedures, witch left me looking worse than ever. The doctor rebuild my face and fixed my eye. I finaly look normal again. I didn't like looking in the mirror for 2 years,now I love too and better than that, I feel good mentally again. Thank you Dr panossian. !


I like to thank Dr Panossian for the outstanding Surgery he performed to my son. He did change totally he's look but most important , the way my son enjoying life since the surgery .thank you again for been so professional.

Jose T.

Dr Panossian is extremely professional and provided with excellent service during my surgery and follow up appointment. I would definitely recommend him to friend, family and anyone needing his services.

Alex C.

I highly recommend Dr Panoussian for anyone looking for rhinoplasty surgery! Him and his staff are very nice and very professional! You will get an answer to any questions asked with professional recommendations! Great work Doctor!

Nada S.

Doctor Panossian did excellent work. Him and his assistant kept in contact and walked me through the whole time even though I was in a different state.


I went to dr panossian to remove some Neurofibromatois tumors. He did a good job I can’t thank him enough and special to everyone at his office.

Fekry A.

Met with Dr. Panossian at an educational conference to discuss my son's facial paralysis. Very knowledgable with a great bedside manner.

Tiffany W.

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