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Suffering a traumatic injury or the repercussions of drug use can feel emotionally daunting, especially if your nose is permanently changed, causing breathing issues. Thankfully, you can heal your nose, release the past, and step into a healed future with septal perforation surgery in Pasadena & Glendale with Dr. Panossian. This procedure restores nasal function and appearance, offering a glimmer of hope amidst those feelings of regret and insecurity. Choosing the right surgeon is crucial for optimal results, though. With Dr. Panossian's groundbreaking work in reconstructive surgery–winning the "Best Reconstructive Paper" from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons–you can trust you're selecting a true expert for physical healing and a renewed sense of confidence and self-worth.

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 Reconstructive Surgery Overview

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What Is Septal Perforation Surgery?

Septal perforation surgery, also known as septal perforation repair, is a reconstructive procedure aimed at addressing a hole or perforation in the nasal septum, the thin wall of cartilage and bone that separates the nostrils. This condition can arise from various factors such as trauma, chronic nasal inflammation, previous nasal surgeries, or, in some cases, prolonged abuse of drugs like cocaine. This condition often leads to significant discomfort, including difficulty breathing, frequent nosebleeds, and nasal discharge.

The surgery involves closing or patching the perforation to restore the structural integrity of the septum and improve nasal function. Depending on the size and location of the perforation, different surgical techniques may be employed, including grafting tissue from another part of the body or using synthetic materials to repair the defect. The ultimate goal of septal perforation surgery is to alleviate symptoms such as nasal obstruction, crusting, bleeding, and nasal discharge while also improving the overall quality of life for the patient.

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The Benefits of Septal Perforation Surgery

If you’re having issues with breathing and the general function of your nose due to past experiences, it can feel challenging to move confidently into the future. Septal perforation surgery in Pasadena & Glendale with Dr. Panossian offers patients a chance to restore nasal function and improve overall quality of life. Some of the key benefits include the following:

  • Improved Nasal Breathing: Repairing the perforation can help alleviate nasal obstruction, allowing for better airflow through the nostrils.
  • Reduced Crusting and Bleeding: Closing the perforation can minimize common septal perforation symptoms such as crusting and bleeding.
  • Prevention of Infections: By closing the hole in the nasal septum, the risk of recurrent infections and nasal discharge is reduced.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Patients may experience increased comfort and reduced discomfort associated with nasal symptoms after undergoing septal perforation surgery.

Is Septal Perforation Surgery Right for Me?

Septal perforation surgery may suit individuals experiencing the following symptoms, whether caused by factors like drug use or trauma:

  • Nasal obstruction
  • Crusting
  • Bleeding
  • Recurrent infections
  • Nasal discharge

During a consultation, Dr. Panossian will conduct a thorough examination of your nasal passages, which may include imaging scans to assess the extent of the perforation and evaluate the overall nasal structure. Additionally, Dr. Panossian will discuss your medical history and address any concerns you may have regarding the procedure. This personalized approach allows Dr. Panossian to determine the most appropriate treatment plan tailored to your unique circumstances.

What to Expect The Septal Perforation Surgery Procedure

During septal perforation surgery, Dr. Panossian employs a meticulous approach to repair the perforation and restore nasal function. The procedure typically takes place under general anesthesia to ensure patient comfort throughout. Dr. Panossian begins by accessing the nasal septum through the nostrils or an external incision, depending on the size and location of the perforation. He then carefully removes any damaged tissue and reshapes the septum as needed to create a stable foundation for repair.

Next, Dr. Panossian may use local tissue flaps, cartilage grafts, or synthetic materials to close the perforation and reconstruct the nasal lining. These materials serve to reinforce the septum and promote healing. Throughout the procedure, Dr. Panossian pays close attention to preserving the nasal structure and ensuring optimal airflow. His expertise in reconstructive surgery allows him to achieve natural-looking results while addressing the underlying cause of the perforation for restored form and function.

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Septal Perforation Surgery Recovery

Following septal perforation surgery, you can expect some downtime for recovery. Dr. Panossian will provide detailed postoperative instructions to ensure optimal healing and minimize discomfort. Patients sometimes experience swelling, congestion, and mild discomfort in the days following surgery, which can usually be managed with pain medication and nasal irrigation. It's essential to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting during the initial recovery period to allow the nasal tissues to heal properly. Most patients can return to work and resume light activities within one to two weeks, although full recovery may take several months. We will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor healing progress and address concerns that may arise. Attending these appointments is crucial to ensure the best possible outcome and long-term nasal health. Don't hesitate to contact our office with any questions as you heal.

Why Choose Dr. Panossian?

On your journey toward nasal health and restoration, Dr. Panossian stands as a beacon of expertise, being awarded for his groundbreaking work in reconstructive surgery by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With his renowned mastery in complex reconstructive operations, including septal perforation repair, he offers more than just physical healing; he provides a path to renewed confidence and emotional well-being. Whether you're grappling with the aftermath of trauma or the repercussions of past choices, Dr. Panossian's personalized approach and commitment to excellence can make you hopeful again. Don't let nasal insecurities hold you back any longer. If you're in Glendale, Pasadena, or the surrounding areas, schedule your consultation with Dr. Panossian today and take the first step toward a brighter, healthier future.

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