Hand Syndromes: Macrodactyly

What is Macrodactyly?

Macrodactyly is an uncommon condition in which a baby’s toes or fingers are abnormally large due to the overgrowth of the underlying bone and soft tissues. It can affect a single digit or multiple digits. It can also be part of larger syndrome, such as Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome.

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Hand with macrodactyly of middle finger.
Hand with macrodactyly of middle finger.

The involved digit often follows a steep growth curve and can push aside adjacent fingers or toes. This can, in turn, affect the function of the entire hand or foot. In addition, the enlarged digit usually lacks meaningful function, and its joints are quite stiff. This is, unfortunately, a progressive condition that is irreversible. Therefore, macrodactyly will need to be addressed early on with surgery.

Surgery involves removing the affected finger or toe entirely. This provides much improved overall limb function and cosmetic appearance. In some instances, the involved digit can be thinned if not severely enlarged. Occasionally, growth plates can also be arrested to prevent or slow further growth.

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