Non-Surgical Procedures in Pasadena, CA

Non-invasive or non-surgical procedures have become increasingly popular in recent years. People who may not be great candidates for plastic surgery or who desire not to “go under the knife”, now have an incredible array of options to choose for their cosmetic needs. Dr. Panossian offers everything from skin care to laser therapy and the latest RF (radio frequency) needling devices to bring you closer to a rejuvenated appearance without ever leaving the office. He has spent years trying the latest fads in non-invasive cosmetic procedures in order to cultivate his most recent offerings. To put it simply, Dr. Panossian has done your homework for you. Below are some of the key non-surgical procedures he offers.


Botox® has become synonymous with plastic surgery. Many new uses for Botox® have been found over the years. Whether you are looking for wrinkle reduction or simply trying to prevent facial wrinkles, Botox® is a key part of your treatment strategy. Dr. Panossian is a facial expert and implements Botox® for additional improvements not offered elsewhere.


Volumizing the face for wrinkles and sagging is now one of the key principles in facial rejuvenation. Whether it is augmentation of lips or filling deep bags underneath the eyes, fillers have proven effective and safe over and over again. There are many products currently available for virtually any part of the body that needs filling. Dr. Panossian offers a full array of these products with the proper guidance to meet your goals.

Lip Augmentation

Thin lips can be undesirable for many people. Today, there are many options available to augment lips safely and in the comfort of the doctor’s office. The most common way is with the use of hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane® or Juvederm®, but other options exist. Dr. Panossian will guide you to the option that suits your needs best, so that you feel happy and invigorated.


IPL (or, intense pulsed light) has become an important aspect in any skin rejuvenation protocol. It offers color correction for most individuals with blemishes or sun damaged skin. Dr. Panossian offers the Lumecca IPL laser, either alone or in conjunction with other available non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Forma RF

RF skin therapy is one of the hottest non-surgical procedures today. Dr. Panossian offers Forma RF by InMode. This incredible new technology uses radio frequency waves to heat up and tighten the outer layers of skin. You feel the difference immediately. It is an important part of Dr. Panossian’s highly popular skin rejuvenation protocol.

Morpheus 8

Morpheus 8 is a new “subdermal adipose remodeling device” (SARD) that fractionally remodels and resurfaces the face and body. Tiny microneedles penetrate deep into the skin and fat and release a brief radio frequency impulse that gently heats tissues and stimulates collagen remodeling. This morphs the aging face or body into a more desired smooth and youthful appearance. The advantage over lasers that may have a similar effect is that Morpheus 8 penetrates deeper for a lasting result and is safe for all skin tones.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is now commonplace in the aesthetic world. Whether it is your face or another part of your body, Dr. Panossian uses one of the most effective laser hair removal devices on the market. The newer technology allows to achieve hair reduction in fewer sessions than past devices.

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