Smile Reanimation

Examples of dynamic smile reanimation performed by Dr. Panossian. He is an expert in this complex area, with expertise in all styles of reconstruction including gracilis and temporalis muscle options.

Eyelid Surgery

View Dr. Panossian's Before & After gallery on eyelid surgery for facial paralysis. These procedures are quite different from those performed for cosmetic reasons, but the end goal is the same.

Brow Lift

For the forehead that droops after facial paralysis, a brow lift or browpexy is an option that can be performed in concert with other procedures. Take a look at some of Dr. Panossian's sample cases.

Symmetry Procedures

Facial symmetry procedures are a vital part of any surgical plan for facial paralysis rehabilitation. Dr. Panossian will often combine these surgical procedures to improve symmetry without the need for addtional procedures.