Lip Reduction in Pasadena, CA

Struggling with disproportionately large lips? Dr. Panossian’s lip reduction service in Pasadena, CA, provides a sophisticated solution. Embrace the elegance of a harmonious facial aesthetic and the comfort of a contoured smile with our meticulous technique, yielding results that enhance your natural beauty and confidence.

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Dr. Panossian offers a lip reduction service in Pasadena, CA.
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The Benefits of Lip Reduction

Lip reduction can remarkably enhance facial appearance by giving more balance to your facial features. When the lips are disproportionate, it may overshadow other features. With lip reduction, the excess skin is removed, restoring a harmonious appearance. This procedure doesn’t just make your facial features more symmetrical but also amplifies the aesthetic dimension of your entire face.


Improving Speech and Functionality

Lip reduction enhances speech clarity and diction by reducing size, improving muscle control. This leads to easier speech, boosting confidence in all interactions.


Amending Facial Proportions

Lip reduction surgery enhances facial harmony by adjusting lip size, aligning face proportions, and trimming excess muscle tissue for a desirable shape.


Boosting Self-esteem

Lip reduction can significantly enhance self-esteem, creating aesthetic facial balance. Harmonized lips often elevate confidence and attractiveness, improving quality of life and social interactions.

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The procedure

Understanding Lip Reduction

The lip reduction procedure is a cosmetic surgery process designed to refine and reshape lip structure by removing excess lip tissues. This surgery aims to bring harmony to facial aesthetics and boost self-esteem. Surgeons skillfully make horizontal incisions, discretely tucked inside the mouth, to extract surplus fat or skin.

The final result is a natural and symmetrical look. Just like other cosmetic procedures, the objective is to match up to individual expectations and aspirations. Carefully considering the impact on the size of lips, overall appearance, and functionality is a crucial part of successful surgery planning.

Given the unique nature of each person’s lips, the procedure may vary widely in scope and objectives. Success lies in meticulous execution by an experienced Pasadena plastic surgeon, customized to deliver optimal results for each patient. Therefore, comprehending the procedure from start to finish is crucial in setting realistic expectations and increasing overall satisfaction with the outcome.

Why Choose Lip Reduction Surgery?

Many choose lip reduction surgery to address specific concerns about their lip size and shape. Common issues include:

Overly large lips disrupt the natural symmetry of the face.

Excess lip volume can interfere with poor speech or eating.

The desire for a subtler lip contour that complements other facial features.

Large lips that draw attention away from the eyes and other expressive facial elements.

Careful consideration and consultation with a talented plastic surgeon are essential to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for lip reduction.

Dr Panossian is extremely professional and provided with excellent service during my surgery and follow up appointment. I would definitely recommend him to friend, family and anyone needing his services.

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Different Lip Reduction Techniques

There are several techniques used in lip reduction surgeries, each with its unique characteristics and procedures. Traditional lip reduction is a common office procedure, that removes a pre-determined amount of lip tissue to reduce lip size. We make shorter horizontal incisions discreetly with this technique, minimizing visible scarring.

Modern lip reduction procedures focus on maintaining the natural shape of the lips while balancing volume. Both techniques aim to deliver customized outcomes based on individual patient’s needs and aesthetic goals.

Given the diversity of these techniques, it’s essential to discuss with your surgeon to determine the most suitable approach for you and ensure you’re a candidate for lip reduction.

Modern lip reduction procedures prioritize maintaining the natural lip shape and balancing volume.
Several techniques exist for lip reduction surgeries, each with unique characteristics.

Traditional Lip Reduction Technique

The traditional lip reduction procedure involves making horizontal incisions inside the mouth, reducing the excess tissue, and then stitching the area. While this technique does tackle the issue of disproportionately large lips, patients might get wrinkles due to scar tissue forming in the healing process.

Modern Lip Reduction Techniques

Advancements in the lip reduction procedure have revolutionized this technique. These modern procedures ensure utmost preciseness and minimal scarring, providing patients with enhanced aesthetic results. The evolution of lip reduction techniques promises safer, less invasive procedures with faster recovery times and more satisfactory outcomes.

Key Considerations for Your Lip Reduction Surgery Consultation

Your consultation is a critical step towards a successful lip reduction surgery. Ensure to cover:

Surgeon’s Experience

Inquire about their years of practice and number of lip reduction surgeries performed, confirming they’re an experienced plastic surgeon.

Procedure Specifics

Understand the surgical technique, duration, and what to expect during the process.

Recovery and Aftercare

Discuss the post-operative care required, potential side effects, and the timeline for recovery.

An in-depth discussion with Dr. Panossian can significantly contribute to achieving your desired outcome.

Preparing for Your Lip Reduction Surgery

Before surgery, follow all provided instructions carefully. Specifically, discuss pain medication with your doctor, as some can interfere with the procedure. Avoid eating or drinking before surgery, and apply prescribed creams on the corners of your mouth to prevent infection.

Are You Ready For A Consultation?

If you are considering this procedure, booking a consultation with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Panossian is a great way to learn about the procedure and determine if it’s right for you.


Procedure Cost and Financing Options

The investment for lip reduction surgery can differ, influenced by the surgeon’s experience, geographic location, and procedure details. While specific costs fluctuate, financing solutions are in place to accommodate diverse budgets.

Options such as healthcare-specific credit facilities, flexible personal loans, and structured payment plans can help manage the financial aspect of your journey. It’s advisable to review and consider the various available alternatives prior to making a decision.

Potential Risks and Side Effects of Lip Reduction

Just like any surgery, lip reduction comes with the risk of complications. There might be a risk of infection in the post-surgery phase. Moreover, some patients might experience an allergic reaction to anesthesia or specific medication used during or after the surgery.

Proper care and follow-up can help in mitigating these potential risks, ensuring a safer recovery. It’s best to discuss all potential risks with your experienced plastic surgeon before deciding on the procedure.

Post-Operation Recovery and Healing Process

The healing process post-lip reduction surgery typically spans several weeks. During the initial recovery time, swelling and discomfort are normal. However, proper medication can provide relief. General recovery requires around two weeks, while full healing of the skin may take longer. Individuals should carefully manage their recovery process to ensure successful healing.

Remember, entrusting your lip reduction procedure to an experienced cosmetic surgeon is pivotal for a successful outcome. Dr. Panossian, renowned for his surgical expertise in Pasadena, is more than happy to provide you with a personalized evaluation. So don’t wait, schedule your consultation today.

Dr. Panossian is a board-certificated plastic surgeon based in Los Angeles
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