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Media Appearances

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Mending Kids

Dr. Panossian donates his time to the Mending Kids organization to help children and young people up to 21 years of age who need urology, orthopedics, eyes, nose, and throat interventions, among others. This particular patient, 11-year-old Jorge Trejo underwent the last of three surgeries on his face and he was reunited with him after three years of having had surgery. Univision captured the reunion and his incredible story of recovery.

Dr. Panossian talks to Univision about Smile Surgery

Dr. Panossian discusses his novel technique of lengthening temporalis myoplasty for children born with Moebius syndrome. This is a touching story of a mother searching for the best option to put a smile on her son’s face.

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Good Morning America

Good Morning America covers the ground-breaking work of Dr. Panossian as he helps a young child born with facial paralysis. It is a touching story with a happy ending.

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CBS Coverage of Haiti’s First Ever Conjoined Twin Separation

Dr. Panossian travels to the island nation of Haiti with a team of pediatric surgeons to perform the country’s first ever conjoined twin separation.

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KCET Covers Mending Kids’ Hometown Mission 2017

Dr. Panossian discusses the importance of the annual Mending Kids Hometown Mission. Dr. Panossian sits on the Board of Directors in addition to volunteering.

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Berhanu’s Life-Saving Surgery

An uplifting story about a young Ethiopian boy brought to the United States for life-saving spine surgery in conjunction with a procedure by Dr. Panossian to correct his hand deformity. Thanks to Mending Kids for sponsoring this child’s surgery.

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The Boy With the Big Hands

Dr. Panossian comments on The Doctors. This time, it’s about a young Indian boy who was born with a disorder causing his hands to massively overgrow.

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ABC Covers Mending Kids’ Hometown Mission

The Mending Kids Hometown Mission is aimed at helping kids here in Los Angeles who’s parents cannot afford the types of reconstructive surgeries they need.

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Helping Treasure

Treasure suffers from a condition called lymphatic malformation. Dr. Panossian excised a large portion of the malformation and reconstructed the tongue. Treasure is now a healthy and happy child.

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Smiling Inside, Hoping You Will See

Kiana Deane was born with paralysis of one side of her face. Dr. Panossian performs a complex two-stage smile reanimation surgery using a nerve from her leg and a muscle from her thigh.

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Children of War Foundation

Dr. Panossian participates regularly with international charities. In June of 2013, Dr. Panossian and a team of doctors travelled to Amman, Jordan to perform complex reconstructive surgeries on over 20 children.

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