Dr. Panossian of the Facial Paralysis Center is featured on “The Doctors” for his work on Moebius syndrome.  Watch Dr. Panossian as he surprises the family with a generous gift.


Be sure to catch the Facial Paralysis Webinar on Dr. Panossian’s YouTube channel or by clicking below.  As part of Dr. Panossian’s new Webinar Series, Dr. Panossian discusses the diagnosis and management of facial paralysis and the importance of early intervention.  He outlines his personal and unique unique approach to managing facial paralysis.  It’s not too late… Read more »


On February 22, 2015, I traveled to El Salvador to perform specialized reconstructive surgery on children who have had no other choice but to live with their deformities until now.  Sponsored by Mending Kids, the medical mission succeeded in its goal to provide surgery for 16 children with over 30 screened.  This was a different… Read more »


In case you missed it, watch Dr. Panossian’s informative and interactive webinar on “Hemangiomas and Other Vascular Birthmarks.”  Dr. Panossian describes the current terminology and shows examples of various types of vascular anomalies. Emphasis is placed on achieving a proper diagnosis, followed by treatment. He describes common pitfalls involved in making the right diagnosis. If… Read more »


I have spoken previously about the high rate of misdiagnosis when it comes to vascular birthmarks (or, vascular anomalies).  But what does it mean to a parent who needs to decide on the treatment being offered and trusting the doctor to implement the correct option?  No one wants to know that he, she, or a… Read more »


January 24, 2015 is Moebius Awareness Day. Moebius Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder causing facial paralysis. I have treated many children and adults with this syndrome through smile reconstruction surgery. The “Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome” support group highlights that “people of this condition have normal intelligence, although their lack of facial expression is often… Read more »


I became a pediatric plastic surgeon for many reasons. The specialty choices available to bright-eyed medical students are so vast, it can make your head spin. So, how can an impressionable young man or woman make such a lofty decision regarding his or her career at a point in the educational process when experience is… Read more »

L0015452 A bedside demonstration of the collective stethoscope.

Ten years ago, ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” was beginning its first season as a fictional TV show based on the day-to-day lives of surgical residents. I also happened to be a surgical resident at the time in Los Angeles. Many people don’t know that during those early years, I consulted on the show and was paid to… Read more »


Winter has definitely arrived. We are seeing negative temperatures all around the country. Some people with certain medical conditions will find that cold, damp weather or temperatures can aggravate their symptoms. I hear firsthand accounts from my patients on how the cold affects them: Temporary facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy): While this condition is typically caused by a… Read more »


The appearance of a blotch or a mark on a newborn’s skin can be troubling for new parents. However, not all birthmarks should be cause for concern, as 1 in 10 newborns every day are born with it in various sizes, color, and shape. Half of these children will not require any treatment at all. A well-informed decision… Read more »