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Pediatric plastic
surgery with a smile!

What separates Dr. Panossian from other plastic
surgeons is his unique qualification in treating
children with reconstructive needs.

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Your child's health
is our TOP priority!

Dr. Panossian has made children the focus of his profession
and has trained at the top institutions in the world to provide
solutions for all types of reconstructive issues.

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Children in need

Having a child born with a disability or physical difference can leave
parents feeling anxious. Rest assured that Dr. Panossian is there to
treat even the most complex problems.

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For adults, too!

Don't let the cute faces fool you. Dr. Panossian offers
many of the same services for adults. Call today to find
out more.

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Trusted by parents

Dr. Panossian spends a large amount of time with families
discussing options for treatment. No question is left
unanswered. Direct communication is always ensured.


Whether children or adults, Dr. Panossian's expertise in craniofacial and aesthetic surgery allows him to treat some of the most complex reconstructive problems from a unique perspective and with unparalleled finesse and accuracy.


From cleft lips & palates to large birthmarks to facial trauma, Dr. Panossian treats children of all ages with complex craniofacial problems.


Facial Paralysis

The ability to express emotion is the cornerstone of human interaction. Dr. Panossian specializes in facial reanimation to restore movement and confidence.



Extra fingers, webbed fingers, cleft hands, and trauma are only a few examples of complex hand deformities that Dr. Panossian treats.


Vascular Birthmarks

Dr. Panossian is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of hemangiomas and vascular malformations.


Dr. Panossian is dedicated to delivering on the expectations of his patients through an extensive evaluation process and attention to detail.

Andre Panossian, MD

Dr. Andre Panossian is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in craniofacial, facial paralysis, aesthetic, and pediatric reconstructive surgery. His practice utilizes the latest advances in medical technology and cutting-edge surgery. Meticulous and detail-oriented, Dr. Panossian’s signature approach involves the patient in every step of the decision-making process.

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