Dr. Panossian has spent many years studying and treating patients with specific conditions and is a world expert in these areas.

Before and after result of facial reanimation surgery using gracilis muscle to masseter nerve for facial paralysis.

When the facial nerve is damaged or inflamed, it can shut down, causing facial paralysis. This is a complex problem when nerve function does not return fully. Dr. Panossian performs complex reconstructive procedures for patients suffering from Bell’s palsy, synkinesis, Moebius syndrome, or any other source of facial paralysis.


This complex condition can affect 1 in 3000 individuals. It is a condition where nerve sheath tumors form anywhere on the body. People living with this condition can experience pain and disfigurement from the extensive tumors that can form.

Dr. Panossian performs pediatric plastic surgery for children with cleft lips, vascular birthmarks, and other deformities.

Dr. Panossian began his career as a pediatric plastic surgeon and trained at both Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and Boston Children’s Hospital at Harvard. Childhood deformities such as cleft lip and palate, facial paralysis, facial deformities, hand/foot deformities and vascular birthmarks are some of the problems treated.