Practice Philosophy

Every patient is unique.

The desires and expectations of patients looking for plastic surgery are intensely personal and can be vastly different. It is difficult to apply a single solution or technique for every patient. Dr. Panossian will discuss the goals of your transformation in a comfortable atmosphere where he can help you articulate the changes you wish to achieve. He will spend the time you need to understand what it takes to achieve a particular result, so that your expectations are met each time.

Plastic surgery is NOT a business!

Too often, plastic surgeons will lack the patience to go over the details of a particular surgery, or they may streamline their practices to increase their bottom line, which can leave the patient feeling abandoned. This can result in a rushed experience with a sense that your doctor is inattentive when you need him or her the most. Dr. Panossian is particularly sensitive to this issue and makes himself available at all times for any and all issues pertaining to his patients. You will not be alone.


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