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Pediatric Vascular Birthmarks

Vascular birthmarks (aka vascular anomalies) can be much more complex. Over 60 percent of these lesions are MISDIAGNOSED, which frequently leads to inappropriate treatment. The various types of vascular birthmarks can present in strange and unusual ways, from small and bright red to dark blue and occupying an entire limb. Fortunately, most vascular birthmarks are benign and inconspicuous. However, some can be extensive and complex, requiring multiple lines of treatment from lasers to surgery.

Vascular birthmarks can be divided into the following general categories:

  • Hemangiomas
  • Capillary malformations
  • Venous malformations
  • Lymphatic malformations
  • Combined malformations

Dr. Panossian is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in reanimation for facial paralysis, congenital hand and vascular anomalies, burns, limb reconstruction, cleft lip and palate surgery, and brachial plexus injuries. His extensive expertise and dedication to his pediatric patients have qualified him as a Specialty Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at USC's Keck School of Medicine
  • Director of the Facial Paralysis Program and Vascular Anomalies Center at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
  • Dr. Panossian is currently in private practice in Beverly Hills, CA and treats patients from around the world.